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Coalition Partners

Join the Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition

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Join the Iranians Count
2010 Census Coalition

The Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition (ICCC) was formed to ensure maximum and consistent participation by Iranians in the 2010 U.S. Census. It consists of non-profit Iranian organizations to strengthen and expand ICCC’s outreach and penetration, providing it with more resources and a larger platform for educating Iranians / Iranian-Americans nationwide and encouraging their participation in the Census.

The ICCC has taken a proactive role to ensure that our community’s statistics are accurately reflected, and that we have access to key services and an enhanced political voice. With that in mind, ICCC assembled various resources to answer questions about the 2010 U.S. Census.

U.S. Census Hand logo

The Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition (ICCC) consists of both national and regional Iranian organizations that have united under the common objective of educating Iranians residing in the U.S. about the 2010 U.S. Census.

If you are a registered non-profit Iranian organization, wishing to join the ICCC as a member, please review the guidelines below and submit your Membership Application form to join!

Membership Guidelines >

1. Project Name: Iranians Count 2010 Census

2. Project Slogan: Iranians. Iranian-Americans. Be Counted!

3. Project Logo: Be Counted! is considered the official logo, along with the U.S. Census Bureau's official logos labeled as "It's in Our Hands" & "United States Census 2010".

4. Coalition Membership: Inclusive and open to expansion beyond the original eight organizations to include other Iranian American organizations that are "registered non-profit" entities.

5. Goals of the Project:

a. Reach every Iranian / Iranian-American household

b. Convince Iranians / Iranian-Americans of the importance and benefits of participating in the 2010 Census and the strict confidentiality of information provided to the Census Bureau

c. Ensure Iranian Americans respond to the census in a consistent manner

6. Uniform Message: (to be conveyed to the community by the Coalition partners)

a. Importance and benefits of participating in the 2010 Census

b. Strict confidentiality of information provided to the Census Bureau

c. How Iranians / Iranian-Americans should respond to the Census questionnaires: 2010 Census Short Form: Question 9 asks about respondent's race; mark (x) in the box that states "some other race" and write "Iranian" or "Iranian American."

7. Joint Statements: In form and substance satisfactory to all coalition partners to be released simultaneously by all coalition partners, with updates on the Coalition’s progress, throughout the Campaign.

8. Partnership with the Census Bureau: Coalition partners are encouraged to apply for and become regional partners of the Census Bureau in order to be entitled to the partnership support provided to such regional partners. Coalition partners will also coordinate their activities with their local Census Bureau representative. Deadlines may apply.

9. Coalition's Educational and Promotional Material: Coalition partners will produce joint communication tools, including a website, brochures, advertising, messaging, PSAs, etc., emphasizing importance of participating in the Census and how Iranian Americans should respond to the questions of race and ethnicity and promise to publicize the material on their respective websites, newsletters, etc. and place Census on their meeting and events agenda.

10. Other Educational and Promotional Materials: Each organization may produce on its website or letterhead its own educational and promotional material, as long as such material (i) reflects the agreed upon message, and (ii) conspicuously mentions the Coalition and lists all of its members.

11. Pooling Financial and other Resources: Coalition partners may, at their sole discretion, make a financial contribution to the Iranians Count 2010 Census Coalition in support of the 2010 Census Project.

12. Coalition Nominated Task force: Coalition members agree that a 7-member task force will be planning and executing the Campaign. The Task force includes representatives from Farhang Foundation, IABA, IPAA, NIPOC, PAAIA, PARSA, and the U.S. Census Bureau, represented by Nadia Babayi.

13. Project Manager: Butterfly Buzz, a marketing/PR firm in Los Angeles, has been hired by the Coalition as the Project Manager on behalf of the Coalition. To cover the management fee and overall cost of the publicity campaign, as outlined in number 9 above, Farhang Foundation, PAAIA and PARSA have each contributed $6,000 to the project. Other members of the Coalition may contribute financially at their discretion.


Membership Application

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I am the designated and authorized representative of this organization and agree with the guidelines set by THE IRANIANS COUNT 2010 CENSUS COALITION to join as a member. (See guidelines above)*
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